Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni

25-Rajab-1441 AH
20-03-2020 AD
06:45 AM
(According to the official time of Makkah mother of towns)

Be Mindful of Allah, O My Beloved Global Electronic Army of Supporters

In the name of Allah, there is no power but with Allah .. Be mindful of Allah O my beloved righteous forerunner supporters, in the love of Allah. And do not lose heart or sit back in regards to the Da'wa (call) or (its) conveyance to save mankind from the tempestuous and most destructive coronavirus; that is the thunderous XXL coronavirus

And We show them not a sign except that it is greater than its sister, so focus on publishing the statement titled :
[/(Coronavirus is of the lesser torment short of the greater torment, that perhaps they may repent.)

And I have eased my conscience writing the statement (above) and conveyance witnesses (among the supporters of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni) shall hold the responsibility of delivery to the worlds; heavily and with intensive sweeping in the world wide internet (through copy and paste) and on YouTube. And make sure to copy the date when it (the statement) was written and issued by Imam Mahdi (Nasser Mohammed), and on YouTube as much as you can

The minor soldiers of Allah are still launching their fierce attack on those who turn away from the Book of Allah, the Great Quran, disbelievers, and Muslims alike. As both are turning away from following the Book of Allah the Great except those upon which my Lord Has mercy, And let not the unjust leaders among Muslims think they will escape the torment while they know that they are unjust

And I still give you a ruling that it is a similar (in creation) living organism about which they do not have an encompassing knowledge. Surely, scientists will see from its plotting what amazes the eyes as it is directed through the order of Allah, the One, the Overpowering, and the Best of Planners so that they know that it is truly a torment from the Lord and that it does not affect people randomly

That is a torment that causes different types of torments; pain and death to he whose destiny has come, and a greater horror along with a great global economic hit especially the super-Powers. Also, the next shall be greater for the early liar loudmouths and soon they will see. O Allah I have delivered, O Allah be my Witness

And I allow you to publish this statement in the encyclopedia (of the Imam's official website) to induce intense publishing of the first statement about the suffocating coronavirus that perhaps they are mindful (of Allah) and know that it is a torment from the Lord of the worlds to turn to their Lord (in repentance)

So flee to Allah, indeed I am a clear warner from Him to you so you may repent, entreat, and pray (to Him). And save yourselves from His torment by following His Book, the Great Quran

And fleeing from the torment of Allah is not in shutting down the mosques of Allah in the faces of those who want to pray and who are fleeing from Allah to Him! Will you not reason? Hence, He will not increase you except in torment. So be mindful of Allah O you with understanding

The caliph and servant of Allah the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni.

Translated from the following Arabic statement: