Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

10 - 04 - 1431 AH
26 - 03 - 2010 AD
02:23 am

..The most honored of the people are the Muslims, the most honored of the Muslims are the believers, and the most honored of the believers are the dutiful ones

In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful
..Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds, I praise Him, glory be to Him, a praise that suits to His Majesty and the greatness of His Authority
Prayer of forgiveness and peace upon whom the Quran been sent down upon him then Mohammad -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him and his family- upheld it as ought to..
Prayer of forgiveness and peace upon Allah’s khalifa supporter to his grandfather Mohammad; the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni whom Allah honored us by sending him in this time of ours with the explanatory-statement of the Quran, and he is still writes with his pen the most marvelous statement may Allah reward him the best reward on our behalf
..Peace be upon Allah’s beloved supporters and all the righteous till the day of judgement
The world became hear and see all what happens on earth because of developing means of knowledge especially the means of communication, then trading manyt of information and discoveries became easy for anyone who looks for it, and the world is still suffering crises after another, and all that is not but because the distancing from Allah.. And the method of Allah
Isn’t it time for the human being to rethink and to take another look at all what is existing.. He has tried everything in finding the solutions to all these crises, and it seemed clear that all sciences are being poured in a common pot; it is the True knowledge in Allah and lots of people after getting certain with Allah’s perfection for the creatures then denied the Creator and belied Him
society is more akin to be in its position as a sick tree and put in a toxic soil and dark environment which is in most need for who would relocate it and put in a fit place close to the light.
And what is happening of earthquakes verily its messages for alerting the people to Allah power upon eradicating anyone who violates the law of Allah as He did to the previous nations when they violated the command of their Lord and His messengers.
From Allah’s mercy and His favor that He sent among them the khalifa Mahdi to them whom they were awaiting him from the family of Mohammad -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him- the best successor for the best predecessor, verily by sending him he works on restoring the balance to all aspects of life in the correct come back to the divinely method and godly legislation that legitimized it for us a Creator, All Knowing, Well-Aware, Wise, He knows Best in whom He created and know best in what goes back with benefit for His servants, verily His religion of Islam has urged on the solidarity and the connection between the Muslims to be as the one body some of it strengthen others, and instilling the virtues of morality and reforming one’s self, and all noble values “Take to forgiveness and enjoin good and turn away from the ignorant.” and other than that.
Indeed, the khalifa Mahdi (the guided successor) Allah guided him for your guidance so He aided him with knowledge of the Book and the True sunna of His messenger while he is with his knowledge in them Allah made for him a manifest authority challenging with it each who have dialogue with him from scholars of the nation on his website “the global dialogue table for the Awaited Mahdi” (forums of the Islamic good news).
So the successor khalifa of the All Merciful is matchless in his knowledge well-informed with the Book of his Lord, Allah particularized him with best characteristics.. Shone the light of the divinely love in his heart so he increases us light with the True explanatory-statement for the Reminder..
It is sufficient pride and honor that Allah sent in our era to support him and support His messenger Mohammad -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him- from the abuse of the abusers and misleading of the satans by their forgeries of what does not fit to Allah’s glory nor to His beloved messenger of Allah, verily it is necessary for the khalifa to be Nasser (supporter)..
And Allah sent His khalifa the supporter to Mohammad -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him- the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni who he does not want you to be followers imitating who they were upon manifest error.. So you imitate the blind imitation and you do not where is the end of the march; in fact he wants you to be pondering comprehending Allah’s verses to march on the straight path.
.Then you would be leaders.. Masters.. Leading the world so you take them out of darkness into the light
O servants of Allah help the supporter to your messenger, and support your Lord against your enemy the rebellious satan who manipulates the minds of most of you and he plots to them and he seduces them to worship him besides Allah,and only he is the deceptive liar who corrupts the earth with mischief since he declared the rebellion against his Creator by not submitting to Him.
And if you only knew the magnitude of Allah’s patience upon the rebellion of His servants and their disobedience, and His love to their repentance you would have rushed with Nasser to support your Lord.
Indeed you should know that the decisive battle between good and evil is the upcoming one with the leadership of Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni with his agents and his ministers Allah’s messenger Esa (Jesus) peace be upon him and the three messengers of Allah companions of the cave, and his supporters and the Muslims against eblees (lucifer) and his offspring gog and magog and their and their agents.
We have learned from our teacher the Imam that Allah is sorrowing over His servants whom He punish them because of their disobedience and that is of His word: “O sorrow over the servants, whenever a messenger comes to them but they were mocking him”. Servants of Allah, do not follow satans then (Allah) would chastise you consequently you increase the sorrow of your Lord.. and Allah only created you to be His servants and His beloved ones brothers loving (each other) in Allah’s love, while satan calls you to enmity and hatred and to take partners and intercessors to call you to polytheism and exaggeration in Allah’s messengers besides Him, so you would worship them besides Allah, and he has made you believe that Mohammad -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him- is your intercessor with Allah, and if he were to be among you he would have denied what you forge (lies) against Allah’s messenger, therefore how can you make a servant more merciful than the Most Merciful of all those who have mercy, how can you make the mercy of the Creator as the mercy of the created?!
By Allah if only knew the greatness of Allah’s mercy the Most Merciful than all who have mercy your hearts would have got attached in Allah.. And you would have found that Allah filled it with His (love), and the mercy of the creatures to each other in this world is not but a small part of Allah’s vast mercy that He ordained upon HimSelf.
And the examples which we use it as evidence about Allah’s mercy between His servants are many, I mention an example of it that I was watching my grandmother while she was crawling with hardship aiding (herself) with low chair at the end of her age, may Allah have mercy on her soul.. So I looked to know what is she doing lo and behold she was pulling a cover to cover my sleeping father at her (place) and he is her eldest son (may Allah have mercy on his soul).
Glory be to Allah! What is your thought in the mercy of the Most Merciful than all who have mercy, does it make sense that the servant to be more merciful than Allah to intercede for the disobedient ones between His hands?
My beloved ones in Allah’s love, love Allah.. Turn to Him and repent in order for him to have mercy over you, verily He is Ever-often return to mercy, the Merciful.. You will find the sweetness of Allah’s loving to you that calls you to love one another; in fact you will favor some of you over some out of love in Allah’s love..who many among us have forego what he loves of thing to his brethren and his joy was by their happiness with it more than his love to it.
My beloved ones, did you minds were unable to comprehend what he says it the Imam Nasser Mohammad in His explanatory-statement for the Quran.. indeed by Allah, he calls you upon most certain knowledge from Allah to Allah the Greatest Bliss and to what is greater than the heavenly-gardens of bliss and the pure beautiful ones “the Bliss of Allah’s goodly-pleasure”.
He calls you to be servants for Allah competing contesting to win His love and His nearness to achieve for him and for us the great purpose which is (Allah’s pleasure in HimSelf) not sorrowing over His servants then He would make them to enter His heavenly-garden except satans among jinn and mankind and to fulfill the purpose of Him creating the servants “And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should worship Me”.
My beloved ones, indeed if you pondered over the statements of the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni you will find it truly and explanatory-statement to Allah’s word which it is above all words and you will feel high energetic-force pushes you to support you Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni to fulfill justice and peace in the earth after it was filled with oppression and injustice.
And you have a good example and role model in the companions of Allah’s messenger -prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon him and his virtuous family; how they crowded around him and supported him for Allah’s sake.
...May Allah help you and guide your steps for the good to you and your nation
..In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, and peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds

Oh Om Al-Bushra, Allah’s peace be upon you and upon all the best foremost supporters in era of dialogue before the appearing whom they believed the True explanatory-statement for the Reminder then they strengthened me, those whom Allah made them share my task; but the place of the most certain ones among them between the hands of their Lord is great.

O community of supporters, by Allah were it that I fear for you the sedition of the humans to be hard on you I would have told you about the place of the supporters of the Awaited Mahdi among the nations on the day when people rise to Lord of the worlds, and that is because the most noble of the worships and the highest levels is their worship for their Lord, and the most honored of the people are the Muslims, and the most honored of the Muslims are the believers, and the most honored of the believers are the dutiful ones, and the most honored of the dutiful ones are the righteous ones, and the most honored of the righteous ones are the ones who are brought near, and the most honored of the ones who are brought near are the devoted ones to the Lord, and the most honored of the devoted ones to the Lord are a people whom Allah loves them and they love Him; beloved ones of Lord of the worlds they forbade to themselves the heavenly-garden of their Lord then they get to be gathered to the All Merciful an honored delegates, and He (Allah) said to them: Your Lord promised you in His decisive Book to to His righteous servants to please them so why you refused the bliss of the heavenly-garden of your Lord? And their Imam, said: In fact we want the Greatest Bliss that is greater than it and Your promise the ever true and You are the Most Merciful then all who have mercy. Then their Lord says to them: You said the Truth and for that I created you.

Those envy them all prophets and martyrs but most of you do not know because the exaggeration in the prophets and leaving Al-Wasila to them without the righteous, and for that most of them do not believe in Allah without associating others (with Him), in spite that Mohammad messenger of Allah -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him and his family- has gave them fatwa with Truth if only they use sense to understand, and he said -prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon him: [Indeed, there are servants for Allah they are not prophets nor martyrs envy them the prophets and the martyrs on the day of resurrection for their closeness and their council of Allah]. said the Truth -prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon him.
[ ‏إن لله عباداً ليسوا بأنبياء ولا شهداء يغبطهم النّبيون والشهداء يوم القيامة بقربّهم ومجلسهم من ربهم ]

.And I am on proving their levels with their Lord from the decisive Quran surely capable and on bridling with the Truth is indeed befitting
O community of the certain ones of the supporters, Love Allah greater than all things, and compete in His love and His nearness and the Bliss of HimSelf's goodly-pleasure, and don’t you dare make the prophets and the Awaited Mahdi a boarder-line between you and your Lord then Allah would make your deeds void (fruitless)

Allah purified your hearts from association an utmost cleansing — O whom your hearts met in Allah’s love and you know each other to the fact you are in various regions among the worlds, and soon Allah will join you with the Imam Mahdi so He would bring you from the various regions among the worlds — who you responded to the call to achieve the Greatest Bliss the Bliss of Allah’s goodly-pleasure over His servants and it is bigger than His heavenly-garden and for that He created you, so be steadfast.. By Allah Who there is no God other than Him, none of the occupants of the heavens and the earth can seduce who knew about the fact of Allah’s name the Greatest because he knew the most certain knowledge that the fact of Allah’s name the Greatest is an attribute of the Self’s goodly-pleasure of their Lord over His servants, and they knew that it is truly the Greatest Bliss, that is greater than His heavenly-garden, no doubt nor suspicion, that’s because they recognized that while they are still in the world’s life, and they valued their Lord the True value of His.

I swear by Allah the Great Lord of the heavens and the earth and all in between them Lord of the mighty throne, if it would be said to one of them: O so and so forgo to me a weight of an atom of Allah’s love and His nearness and the bliss of the goodly-pleasure of HimSelf and you will have in return of that the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and the kingdom of the world’s life and the hereafter, and kingdom of the heavenly-garden which its width is the heavens and the earth! He would have refused it altogether and favored the atom in Allah’s love and His nearness to achieve the Bliss of HimSelf’s goodly pleasure over His servants, those have valued Allah the True value of His.

And you shall know the announcement about them on judgement day; the day when people rise to Lord of the worlds, and I do not know them except a few, and among them for whom the good news has already gone forth from their Lord, and we are indeed truthful.

..And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds
.Your brother the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni


اقتباس المشاركة: 5167 من الموضوع: وأكرم النّاس المسلمون، وأكرم المسلمين المؤمنون، وأكرم المؤمنين المتقون ..

الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني
10 - 04 - 1431 هـ
26 - 03 - 2010 م
02:23 صباحاً

وأكرم النّاس المسلمون، وأكرم المسلمين المؤمنون، وأكرم المؤمنين المتقون ..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله رب العالمين أحمده سبحانه حمداً يليق بجلاله وعظيم سلطانه ..
والصلاة والسلام على من أُنزل عليه القرآن فقام به حق قيام محمد صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ..
الصلاة والسلام على خليفة الله ناصر جده محمد الامام ناصر محمد اليماني الذي شرفنا الله ببعثه في زماننا هذا ببيان القرآن ولا زال يسطر بقلمه أروع بيان جزاه الله عنا خير الجزاء..
السلام على احباب الله الانصار وجميع الصالحين الى يوم الدين ..
لقد أصبح العالم يسمع ويرى كل ما يحدث على الارض بسبب تطور وسائل العلم خاصة وسائل الاتصال, فأصبح تداول الكثير من المعلومات والاكتشافات ميسرا سهلا لكل من يبحث عنه.. وما زال العالم يعاني أزمة تلو الاخرى وما ذلك كله الا بسبب البعد عن الله.. ومنهج الله..
أما آن للانسان أن يعيد الفكر والنظر في كل ما هو موجود... فقد جرب كل شيء ولم ينجح في ايجاد الحلول لكل هذه الازمات, وقد بدا واضحا أن كل العلوم تصب في وعاء مشترك هو المعرفه الحق بالله وكثيرا من الناس بعد أن أيقن بإتقان الله للمخلوقات أنكر الخالق وجحده..
فالمجتمع أشبه ما يكون في وضعه كشجرة مريضه وضعت في تربه سامه وبيئة مظلمه وهي بأشد الحاجه الى من ينقلها ويضعها في مكان صالح قريب من النور .
وإن ما يحدث من زلازل لهو رسائل لتنبيه الناس بقدرة الله على استئصال كل من يخالف شرع الله كما فعل بالامم السابقه عندما خالفت أمر ربها ورسله .
ومن رحمة الله وفضله على العباد أن بعث فيهم خليفتهم المهدي الذي كانوا ينتظرونه من آل محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم.. خير خلف لخير سلف فهو ببعثه يعمل على إعادة التوازن الى جميع نواحي الحياه بالعودة الصحيحه الى المنهج الرباني والتشريع الالهي الذي شرعه لنا خالقاً عليماً خبيراً حكيما هو أعلم بمن خلق وأعلم بما يعود على عباده بالنفع فقد حض دينه الاسلام على التماسك والارتباط بين المسلمين ليكونوا كالجسد الواحد يؤازر بعضه بعضا وعلى غرس فضائل الاخلاق وإصلاح النفس وكل القيم الساميه "خذ العفو وأمر بالعرف وأعرض عن الجاهلين " وغير ذلك..
فالخليفه المهدي هداه الله لهدايتكم فأيَّده بعلم الكتاب وبسنة رسوله الحق وهو بعلمه بهما جعل الله له سلطاناً بيِّناً يتحدى به كل من يحاوره من علماء الأمه في موقعه "طاولة الحوار العالميه للمهدي المنتظر"(منتديات البشرى الإسلاميه).
فخليفة الرحمن فذٌ في علمه فقيه بكتاب ربه خصه الله بخير الخصال.. أشرق نور الحب الالهي في قلبه فيزيدنا نورا بالبيان الحق للذكر..
يكفينا فخراً وشرفاً أن الله بعثه في عصرنا لنصرته ونصرة رسوله محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم من عبث العابثين وتضليل الشياطين بافترائهم ما لا يليق بجلال الله ولا بحبيبه رسول الله, فلا بد للخليفه أن يكون ناصرا..
والله بعث خليفته الناصر لمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني الذي لا يريدكم أن تكونوا تابعين مقلدين من كانوا على ضلال مبين.. فتقلدون التقليد الاعمى ولا تعلمون أين نهاية المسير ؛ بل يريدكم أن تكونوا متدبرين تعقلون آيات الله لتسيروا على الصراط المستقيم.
فتكونوا قاده.. ساده.. تقودون العالم فتخرجوهم من الظلمات الى النور.
يا عباد الله أعينوا ناصر رسولكم, وانصروا ربكم على عدوكم الشيطان المريد الذي يتلاعب بعقول أكثركم ويكيد لهم ويفتنهم ليعبدوه من دون الله, وإنما هو الكذاب الدجال الذي يعيث في الارض فسادا منذ أعلن التمرد على خالقه بعدم الخضوع له .
ولو علمتم عظيم صبر الله على تمرد عباده وعصيانهم وحبه لتوبتهم لأسرعتم مع ناصر لنصرة ربكم.
فاعلموا أن المعركة الفاصله بين الخير والشر هي القادمه بقيادة الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني وأعوانه ووزرائه رسول الله عيسى عليه السلام ورسل الله الثلاثه أصحاب الكهف وأنصاره والمسلمين ضد إبليس وذريته يأجوج ومأجوج وأعوانهم .
وقد علمنا من معلمنا الإمام أن الله يتحسر على عباده الذين يعذبهم بسبب عصيانهم وذلك من قوله: "يا حسرة على العباد ما يأتيهم من رسول الا كانوا به يستهزئون" عباد الله لا تتبعوا الشياطين فيعذبكم فتزيدوا من حسرة ربكم.. وإنما خلقكم الله لتكونوا عباده وأحبابه إخواناً متحابين في الله والشيطان يدعوكم الى العداوة والبغضاء والى اتخاذ الشركاء والشفعاء ليدعوكم الى الشرك والمبالغه في رسل الله فتعبدونهم من دون الله وقد جعلكم تعتقدون أن محمداً صلى الله عليه وسلم شفيعكم عند الله ولو كان بينكم لأنكر ما يفترون به على رسول الله, إذ كيف تجعلون عبدا أرحم من أرحم الراحمين, كيف تجعلوا رحمة الخالق كرحمة المخلوق؟!
والله لو علمتم عظيم رحمة الله أرحم الراحمين لتعلقت قلوبكم بالله.. ولوجدتم أن الله ملأها حبا ًبه, وما رحمة المخلوقات لبعضهم في الدنيا الا جزء يسير من رحمة الله الواسعه التي كتبها على نفسه.
والأمثله التي نستدل بها على رحمة الله بين عباده كثيره أذكر مثلا منها أنني كنت أراقب جدتي وهي تزحف بمشقه مستعينه بكرسي قصير في أواخر عمرها رحمها الله.. فنظرت لأعرف ماذا تصنع فإذا بها تسحب غطاء لتغطي والدي النائم عندها ولدها الأكبر (رحمهما الله).
سبحان الله ! فما بالكم برحمة أرحم الراحمين , فهل يعقل أن يكون عبداً أرحم من الله الذي يشفع للعاصين بين يديه ؟
أحبابي في الله أحبوا الله.. عودوا اليه وتوبوا ليتوب عليكم فهو تواب رحيم.. ستجدون حلاوة محبة الله لكم تدعوكم لمحبة بعضكم البعض؛ بل ستؤثرون بعضكم على بعض حباً في الله.. فكم تنازل الكثير منا عما يحب من أشياء إلى إخوانه وكانت سعادته بفرحتهم بها أكثر من محبته لها .
أحبابي أعجِزت عقولكم أن تعي ما يقوله الإمام ناصر محمد في بيانه الحق للقرآن.. إنه والله يدعوكم على بصيرهٍ من الله إلى الله النعيم الأعظم وإلى ما هو أعظم من جنات النعيم والحور العين "نعيم رضوان الله".
يدعوكم لتكونوا عباداً لله متنافسين متسابقين للفوز بحبه وقربه ليتحقق له ولنا غايه عظمى هي (رضى الله في نفسه) غير متحسر على عباده فيدخلهم جنته إلا شياطين الجن والإنس وتتحقق الغايه من خلقه للعباد " وما خلقت الجن والانس إلا ليعبدون ".
أحبابي إنكم اذا ما تدبرتم في بيانات الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني سوف تجدون أنها حقا بيان لكلام الله الذي هو فوق كل كلام وسوف تشعرون بهمه عاليه تدفعكم لنصر إمامكم ناصر محمد اليماني لتحققوا العدل والسلام في الأرض بعد أن ملئت بالظلم والجور.
ولكم مثلا وقدوه في صحابة رسول الله عليه وآله الطاهرين الصلاة والسلام ؛ كيف التفوا حوله ونصروه نصرة ًلله .
وفقكم الله وسدد خطاكم لما فيه الخير لكم ولأمتكم...
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، وسلامٌ على المرسَلين، والحمدُ لله ربِّ العالمين..

ويا أم البُشرى، سلامُ الله عليكم وعلى كافة الأنصار السابقين الأخيار في عصر الحوار من قبل الظهور الذين صدَّقوا البيان الحقّ للذكر فشدّوا أزري وأولئك أشركهم الله في أمري؛ ولكن مقام الموقنين منهم بين يدي ربّهم عظيم.

ويا معشر الأنصار، والله لولا أنّني أخشى عليكم الفتنة أن تكبر عليكم البشرى لأخبرتكم عن مقام أنصار المهديّ المنتظَر بين الأمم يوم يقوم النّاس لربّ العالمين، وذلك لأنّ أسمَى العبادات وأرفعها درجاتٍ هي عبادتهم لربّهم، وأكرم النّاس المسلمون، وأكرم المسلمين المؤمنون، وأكرم المؤمنين المتّقون، وأكرم المتّقين الصالحون، وأكرم الصالحين المُقربون، وأكرم المُقربين الربّانيّون، وأكرم الربّانيين قومٌ يحبّهم الله ويحبّونه أحباب ربّ العالمين حرّموا على أنفسهم جنّة ربّهم ومن ثم تمَّ حشرهم إلى الرحمن وفداً مُكرمين، وقال لهم: لقد وعد ربّكم في محكم كتابه لعباده الصالحين أن يرضيهم فلِمَ أبيتُم نعيم جنّة ربّكم؟ وقال إمامهم: بل نُريد النّعيم الأعظم منها ووعدك الحقّ وأنت أرحم الراحمين. ثم يقول لهم ربّهم: صدقتم ولذلك خلقتُكُم.

أولئك يغبطهم الأنبياء والشهداء ولكنّ أكثركم لا يعلمون بسبب المبالغة في الأنبياء وترك الوسيلة لهم من دون الصالحين، ولذلك لا يؤمن أكثرهم بالله إلا وهم مشركون برغم أنّ محمداً رسول الله - صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم - قد أفتاهم بالحقّ لو كانوا يعقلون، وقال عليه الصلاة والسلام: [إن لله عباداً ليسوا بأنبياء ولا شهداء يغبطهم النّبيون والشهداء يوم القيامة بقربّهم ومجلسهم من ربهم] صدق عليه الصلاة والسلام، وإنّي على إثبات درجاتهم عند ربّهم من محكم القرآن لقدير وعلى الإلجام بالحقّ لجدير.

ويا معشر الموقنين من الأنصار، أحبّوا الله أعظم من كل شيء، وتنافسوا في حبّه وقربه ونعيم رضوان نفسه، وإيّاكم أن تجعلوا الأنبياء والمهدي المنتظر حدّاً بينكم وبين ربّكم فيحبط الله عملكم.

وطَّهر الله قلوبَكم من الشرك تطهيراً يا من اجتمعت قلوبكم في حُبّ الله وأنتم لم تعرفوا بعضكم كونكم من مناطق شتى في العالمين، وقريباً يجمعكم الله بالإمام المهديّ فيأتي بكم من مناطق شتّى في العالمين يا من استجبتم للدعوة إلى تحقيق النّعيم الأعظم نعيم رضوان الله على عباده وهو الأكبر من جنّته ولذلك خلقكم، فاثبتوا.. فوالله الذي لا إله غيره لا يستطيع فتنةَ من علِم بحقيقة اسم الله الأعظم كافةُ أهل السماء وأهل الأرض وذلك لأنّه عَلِمَ عِلْمَ اليقين أنّ حقيقة اسم الله الأعظم هو صفة رضوان نفس ربّهم على عباده، وعلموا أنّه حقاً هو النّعيم الأعظم من جنّته لا شكّ ولا ريب، وذلك لانّهم أدركوا ذلك وهم لا يزالون في الدنيا، أولئك قدَروا ربّهم حقّ قدْره.

وأقسم بالله العظيم ربّ السماوات والأرض وما بينهما وربّ العرش العظيم لو يُقال لأحدهم: يا فلان تنازل لي عن مثقال ذرةٍ من حبِّ الله وقربه ونعيم رضوان نفسه ولك مقابل ذلك ملكوت السماوات والأرض وملكوت الدّنيا والآخرة وملكوت الجنّة التي عرضها السماوات والأرض! لرفضها جميعاً وفضّل الذرّة في حبّ الله وقربه لتحقيق نعيم رضوان نفسه على عباده، أولئك قدَروا الله حقّ قدْرهِ.

ولسوف تعلمون نبأهم يوم الدّين؛ يوم يقوم النّاس لربّ العالمين ولا أعلمهم إلا قليل، ومنهم من سبقت لهم البشرى من ربّهم وإنّا لصادقون.

وسلامٌ على المرسَلين، والحمدُ لله ربِّ العالمين..
أخوكم الإمام المهديّ ناصر محمد اليمانيّ.